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Dueling Pianos for your Nightclub, Corporate Event or Party!

Our Show

By now, most people have seen a Dueling Piano show at a local piano bar, wedding, party, or event. If you have- you know how much fun it is.
If you haven't- you don't know what you're missing.
Here's "The Show" in a nutshell:
2 Pianos - 2 Entertainers - Playing Audience Song Requests - Sing-Along and Crowd

Why Book Dueling Pianos? Versatility.

-Just one piano vocalist worth their salt can provide most any genre of music, with the sound and personality to fill up a room. Add a second entertainer and you've got a one-two punch.

- Want a classic, high energy rock show? Dueling Pianos can be performed with a full time drummer or even drum sounds played on one of the pianos, when the song calls for it. Does your room need music at a lower volume? Just take away the drums. Though Dueling Pianos is traditionally an "All Request" show, the choice of music and how it is presented will always be dialed in to the needs of the room and the client.

-Hiring two piano entertainers as a duo is typically less expensive than hiring a 4- or 5-piece cover band, and will almost certainly guarantee a much deeper song catalog.

-The show will fit into most every stage or room, with a footprint as small as ~8' x 10'.

When you go with Dueling Pianos as your entertainment option, you get a versatile,
economical package with a novelty aspect that is sure to be fun and memorable.

What Makes Us Different?

The success of a Dueling Piano Show is almost entirely dependent upon the talent level and experience of your two entertainers. Gulf Coast Piano Shows are staffed by only the most skilled, professional piano entertainers in the NWF area.

When you book our players, you can expect TALENT!

-Top Quality Musicianship.

-Repertoire. We know THOUSANDS of songs to field 90%+ of Audience Song Requests. We play pretty much any type of popular music from Beethoven to Elvis to Madonna to what is on the radio today. Pop, Country, R&B, Rap, Jazz/Swing, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Trop Rock, Yacht Rock- if it's good party music, we play it!

-Personality. Our entertainers know how to have fun and engage a crowd. We don't just play songs for you- we party with you!

-Experience. With years of playing nightclubs and private events, our entertainers have that certain knack for reading each crowd in real-time.

-Professionalism. We are committed to tailoring each show to the exacting needs of our
clients. You tell us what you want, and we make it happen.


Speaking as an owner and entertainer myself, I have a group of long-time colleagues/friends who I trust to share the stage with. Our community of piano players is like an extended family. When you call us, you won't be dealing with a booking agent or a big company with high overhead. You'll be speaking directly with the people who are responsible for providing you with a GREAT SHOW and a GREAT TIME!

Absolutely. The type of venue you have, size of your room, budget, and general effect you desire can all lend themselves to a solo pianist. It's perfect for many restaurants, home birthday parties, or just a simple "Piano Bar Night". It's a great option to consider, and one for which we would be sure to offer proper consultation.

Do You Offer Solo Piano Shows?

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