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I have only recently moved to the Sunshine State, and am excited and motivated to be a part of the entertainment scene here! 


My family and I have lived the past 5 years in New Orleans, where I was lucky to play almost exclusively for Ticklers Dueling Piano Bar, 635 Bourbon St.  Anyone who has spent an evening there knows it is hands-down the most fun bar on Bourbon, and quite the hidden gem.  

What makes it truly special? The amazing bar staff and uncommonly talented musicians that work together like a family in a small, intimate space.  In today's day and age, Ticklers has a genuine, simple recipe for success: presenting real, up-close-and personal, organic music made right before your very eyes and ears.  All done by request, with a smile:)

The promo video reel filmed on location at Ticklers is mostly of me (David), so you can see what I can offer for a solo engagement or as a part of a dueling show- when I bring in one of my dear friends/colleagues for twice the fun. This is only a sample reel; the songs, show, and overall energy level will always be adjusted based on your group's or customers' needs. 


Thanks! -David

David Mark Butler, Piano Entertainer

Dueling Piano Shows and Solo Sing-Along Fun for your Venue or Event

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